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Optus will join Vodafone by revamping its international roaming charges. The new charges aren’t a flat rate like what Vodafone launched, but will dramatically reduce bill shock for those traveling overseas and taking their local sim with you. The new rates will cover some 182 countries.

The new plans slash the price for data and calls for post-paid and prepaid customers. In Zone 1, which includes New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, and Asia, the price from mid September will be 50 cents per text, AU$1 per minute per call, and 50 cents per 1MB of data used.

For Zone 2, which includes Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, the cost will be AU$1 per text, AU$2 per minute per call, and AU$1 per 1MB of data used.

From November, post-paid customers travelling to countries in Zone 1 will be able to purchase an Optus Travel Pack, which will cost AU$10 per day and give the customers unlimited phone calls, unlimited text messages, and 30MB of data to use. Once the 30MB of data has been used, the standard Zone 1 data rate charges apply.

Last month Vodafone released their $5 per day plan which provides a maximum charge per day when using the Vodafone service in select countries such as the US, UK or New Zealand.