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For my Optus prepaid mobile sim card trial I decided to visit a local store and buy a $2 sim.

Buying the sim was simple. They asked for ID and tool some details from my drivers license. I was given the kit and off I went. After opening the kit I read the instructions to activate my prepaid sim and decided to first try the phone set-up.

I know you have to market, but the spin goes on and on. Optus please make this step simpler. Most importantly working out which pack I purchased and which plan I want to set up with is not that straight forward. The phone setup does tell you to go online as it is much easier and so I took their advice and went online to activate.

Finding where to activate my Optus prepaid sim card on their site was easy. I entered the code and provided some additional personal identification details (no license this time). Again I had to select which plan I wanted to connect wiht. Connect 4 Less was not on the menu.Not sure why? Maybe I purchased the wrong sim card (there was only one option). Also to my horror all the options wanted  $30 recharge and I only wanted to spend $10.

I then decided I would try Optus Dollar Days $1 per day. The screen then told me that Optus would be in touch within 24 hours. This is the email I then received from them.

Order number: oooooo

Pre-Paid Mobile customers should keep their mobiles turned off during this time. After 30 minutes, turn your mobile on to receive your SMS confirmation.

Your new My Account online profile has been created and activated for you. Your username and one-time password will be SMS’ed to you within 24 hours. Please click on My Account when you have received your SMS to complete My Account set up.

You can now setup Optus Auto Recharge! This allows you to Recharge automatically when you have no credit, or every 30 days. Click here to setup Optus Auto Recharge.

Once your mobile is activated, you can:

Recharge your Pre-Paid mobile credit

Thanks for choosing Optus.
Would you like to activate another Pre-Paid Mobile?
For those transferring pre-paid mobile or mobile broadband service numbers from other providers, please allow 3 hours for your service to be active. During this time your service will still be active with your previous service provider. Your Optus service will become active shortly after you lose network access with your previous service provider. Once this occurs, simply place your Optus SIM into your phone or mobile broadband device and switch it on.

For any Pre-Paid Mobile enquiries, please call Customer Service 1300 555 002
For any Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband enquiries, please call 133 697.
* Note: While most activations will complete within 30 minutes, during peak periods please allow up to 24 hours for these transactions to complete.

Please note: If you selected the Turbo Cap plan, you have connected to the new Turbo Cap Plus rate plan, which launched on the 24th January 2011.

24 hours later I received a series of SMS alerts advising me of my mobile number and how to manage my account.

So, as I said the online method was easy enough. Now lets see what credit I have and what I need to recharge with.