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Blink (FlexiRent) Mobile Broadband

Seems everyone is getting in on the mobile broadband act. Ever heard of Blink, probably not, well its another service brought to you by FlexiRent. What is different about this service is that they offer you a “Loaner”.

Chances are your computer is, or soon will be, a mobile laptop or netbook and to get the best from them, you really need to connect to mobile broadband.

Whilst there are many mobile broadband providers…only Blink will send you a computer should yours need fixing. We call it a ‘Loaner’. It’s yours when you need it most.

Another exclusive offer is that Blink allows you to bundle in the cost of a computer or netbook with your mobile broadband plan for a low monthly payment. You can bundle any computer and we’ll give a ‘Loaner’ additionally we will replace your computer if it’s stolen, wrecked or lost.

So you can not only lease your laptop through them, you can also subscribe to their mobile broadband package. Optus is the behind the scene Telco.

Check them out here.